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Rachael Heim Photography

Special Events

HUMAN RACE of Sonoma County

Human Race 2015

Human Race 2013                                                                                         Human Race 2014

Bridge to the Future RITES OF PASSAGE

2013                                                                                   2014                                                                                              2015

(Event photographer for Benefit Cometics: San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Walnut Creek, San Rafael)

Rachael Heim Photography can work any special event, from a small corporate event or Guinness Book of Records size event. Rachael will make sure your event is captured in its full potential.

Rachael Heim was the photographer for the Benefit Cosmetics campaign to wax the most eyebrows for the Guinness Book of World records event in San Francisco. The event was part of Benefit's global attempt to set the record for the most eyebrow waxes in 24 hours at multiple venues. The most eyebrow waxes in 24 hours at multiple venues is 2,216 and was achieved by Benefit Cosmetics (USA) at 16 locations around the world from 21-22 April 2012.